The Best Health Insurace Company In The World

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Everyone needs to protect themselves with insurance. As for one of the important insurance to have is health insurance. This health insurance is used to protect himself and his family from financial risks caused by high medical costs. Paying medical fees for hospital treatment with own funds is certainly very expensive despite a short time. It's just that, make sure you choose the best health insurance company. Health insurance is indeed important to have because no one is free from the risk of illness. If that happens, then health insurance allows a person or family member to receive the necessary medical care without having to disrupt the money. With health insurance, you will feel the peace of mind and minimize financial risk. For those of you who need health insurance, it's a good idea to refer to the list of the best health insurance companies in the world below. The following is the best range of health insurance in the world for you.

1. AXA
This AXA insurance company is from France. This company has been established since 1817 ago and is headquartered in Paris. AXA Insurance was founded by Thomas Buberl. The revenue of the AXA insurance company reached 98.53 billion euros in 2015 with total assets of 887.07 billion euros. To date, AXA insurance companies have more than 102 million customers that are widespread in 56 countries. Not surprisingly, AXA insurance company is one of the lists of the largest insurance companies in the world. The main businesses include life insurance, accident insurance, property, storage, and asset management.

2. Generali Assicurazioni
This Generali Assicurazioni company originated in Italy and was founded in 1831. This Generali Assicurazioni company is headquartered in Trieste. Regarding income, the Generali Assicurazioni company reached 66 billion euros with assets of 508 billion euros. Insurance company Generali Assicurazioni is an insurance company that has a market segment in Europe, especially in Italy. Generali Assicurazioni not only serves health insurance, but also various other types of insurance, such as homes, cars, and workplace accidents. The number of Generali Assicurazioni workers worldwide reaches 77,000 with customers of more than 65 million in various parts of the world.

3. Allianz
The Allianz company originated in Germany and was founded in 1890. The company was founded by Oliver Bate, Helmut Perlet, and Maximilian Zimmerer headquartered in Munich. Allianz's revenue alone reached 95.76 billion euros with total assets of 848.9 billion euros. One of Allianz's products in serving health insurance is Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire. This insurance product from Allianz is used as protection intended for company employees and family members. The advantages offered by this product are free death benefits.

Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire also offers convenience in terms of cashless claim processing. Registration in the Blue Sapphire Allianz SmartHealth program is also fairly easy because without going through a health test. The protection provided by Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire is also fairly complete because it includes protection for maternity care, dental care, and eye care. The number of partner hospitals owned by Allianz also reached 538 hospitals spread across all regions in Indonesia. Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire itself has a waiting period of 14 days.

Not only health insurance but the Allianz company also has services in the field of asset management. Today, the Allianz company has customers coming from more than 70 countries in the world. In addition to individuals, Allianz also offers direct insurance products for companies. One of Allianz's health insurance products for the company is Allianz SmartHealth Light Titanium.

4. Avrist
Avrist company serves health insurance by presenting a variety of selected products. One of the health insurance products from Avrist is Avrist Medi Guard. Avrist Medi Guard provides protection 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in all corners of the world. The benefits that you can get from Avrist Medi Guard include the cost of hospitalization to reach $ 100 or 1 million rupiah per day in the ICU. This is for example for organ transplants, dialysis outpatient care, outpatient chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Not only that but Avrist Medi Guard also still provides other benefits, namely protection against accidents reaching $ 20,000. The number of partners owned by Avrist Medi Guard is 500 hospitals. Besides that, Avrist Medi Guard's waiting period is 14 days.

5. Cigna
Cigna is among the best health insurance companies in the world. In serving health insurance, Cigna introduced its product called Cigna Health Protection. This Cigna Health Protection health insurance product provides a premium of up to 25% if there is no claim for a 2-year membership period. The premiums offered by Cigna Health Protection health insurance products can also be said to be very light. Because you will only be faced with costs starting from Rp. 300 per day or Rp. 36,000 per month. Apart from having a very slight premium, you can still get other benefits. The other benefits that you can get later can be claimed immediately in just 15 days after becoming a member. Not only that, but participants will also not need to do a medical examination when registering. The number of partner hospitals owned by Cigna Health Protection is 653 hospitals. Cigna Health Protection itself has a waiting period of 14 days.