Status of Car Insurance Policy Still Active, But Why Claims Can Be Denied?

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Not a few car owners have purchased the best car insurance with the help of CekPremi, visit the Fan Page CekPremi here. However, there are still many of them who do not understand the rules for playing in car insurance. They hastily consider it as a fraud when the claim for the disaster experienced is not approved by the insurance, even though the policy is active. If you think so too, please note that the insurance policy that is still active is not the only condition that the claim is accepted. When the loss you experience is caused by several factors below, the insurance will not process the claim even though the policy status is still active.

Damage / loss due to an intentional element

Car damage is the responsibility of the insurance company. However, the insurer will not accept damage claims if there is an element of intent. For example, damage to a car because it deliberately breaks through a flood, is used to attract other cars, carry passengers or cargo that exceeds capacity, is used for wild racing, used to carry something that is not in accordance with the provisions, etc. Even though your policy status is active, claims will not be accepted if the cause of the damage is due to these things. The loss of the car will also be covered by insurance companies. With a note, losing a car is no element of intent. If you find an intentional element such as intentionally handing over a car to a valet parking attendant or intentionally being loaned to someone else, the claim will not be processed.

Unreported modifications

Making modifications to the car to make it more attractive & comfortable is fine. However, it would be nice if the modifications to the car were informed to the insurance company. Indeed you will get additional premiums for additions or changes made, but claims will be processed by the insurance when bad things happen. If not reported, claims due to, of additional equipment on the car or damage caused due to changes made to the car will not be accepted by the company.

Accident due to self-negligence

The risk of accidents on highways today is getting higher considering the number of vehicles that are increasingly booming. Not to mention there are still many motorists who are less concerned and disobedient to traffic rules. The car insurance policyholder does not need to be worried if an accident occurs at any time because the loss caused by the accident can be claimed to the insurance company. Provided that the accident does not occur because of your negligence as a driver such as playing cellphones, drowsiness, or getting drunk while driving, breaking through traffic signs, going against the flow, or others. If not, must accept if the claim is rejected.

Very stifling indeed when the car insurance premium has been paid regularly so that the policy remains active, but in fact, the claim is rejected by the insurance. However, you should not immediately get worse by assuming that you have been a victim of fraud. It could be the cause of a failed claim due to your own fault as a customer who intentionally used the car for wild racing events so that the car was damaged or deliberately handed over the car to a pallet parking service, made modifications but was not informed to the insurance, or it could be because it didn't care & comply with traffic rules.

Therefore, prospective insurance customers are strongly advised to read and understand the insurance policy before signing it. Understanding the provisions in the policy well is expected to minimize failed claims insurance while avoiding misunderstandings in the future.